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The Bundesjazzorchester (BuJazzO for short) is the official youth jazz orchestra of the Federal Republic of Germany. The most talented musicians of the next generation come together with renowned pedagogues and conductors to form an ensemble that strives for musical excellence. Originally founded in 1988 by Peter Herbolzheimer, the Federal Youth Jazz Orchestra is known today as the meeting point for the next generation of talented jazz musicians in Germany. More


Programmes 2021/2022

Sound Utopias – #2021JLID
With "Sound Utopias – #2021JLID ", the Federal Jazz Orchestra links the jazz avant-garde of today with the Jewish film avant-garde of yesterday in an exciting multimedia mix of silent films, jazz orchestra and vocal ensemble.
artistic director: Niels Klein


JOE ZAWINUL – 90 Years Anniversary
On July 07, 2022, one of the most famous and influential jazz musicians, Viennese Joe Zawinul, would have turned 90.On the occasion of this birthday, the Scott Kinsey Group and the Bundesjazzorchester celebrate the music of this great Austrian musician and composer.
artistic director: Ansgar Striepens


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Jazz, Jazz, Jazz!


22.07.2021     start 68. Arbeitsphase
28.07.2021     concert Marktoberdorf
29.07.2021     concert Oy-Mittelberg
30.07.2021     concert Stiefenhofen
21.08.2021     concert Cologne
22.08.2021     concert Cologne
20.09.2021     start Sonder-Arbeitsphase
25.09.2021     concert Cologne
03.10.2021     concert Gera
05.10.2021     concert Saarland
23.10.2021     concert Bonn
06.11.2021     concert Rüsselsheim
19.11.2021     concert Halle
20.11.2021     concert Berlin
10.02.2022     concert Ludwigsburg
03.03.2022     start 69. Arbeitsphase
14.08.2022     start 70. Arbeitsphase
12.09.2022     start Sonder-Arbeitsphase
12.10.2022     start china tour

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