The maximum age in the Bundesjazzorchester is 24. It is possible to join the ensemble up to the age of 22. Joining the orchestra requires passing through an audition process. The orchestra is composed of all big band instruments and a vocal ensemble. Once accepted, musicians commit to a two-year membership period, made up of four programme cycles centred around bi-annual rehearsal and workshop weeks. During these weeks, musicians participate in sectional and tutti rehearsals, as well as individual and group tuition. The weeks are driven by a musical programme decided by the musical director. In addition, the musicians can participate in informative workshops. The rehearsal and workshop weeks carry a 200€ participation fee.

Invitation for applicants

The invitation for applicants contains detailed information regarding membership in the Bundesjazzorchester

Ausschreibung (PDF)

Application Form

In order to apply for the opportunity to audition, it is necessary to fill out this application form. As soon as the dates for auditions are announced, appropriately qualified applicants will automatically receive an invitation.

Bewerbungsbogen (Onlineformular)


The next round of auditions are scheduled to take place in January 2023.


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